[BUG] I cant steer my curve



I have big delay when i try to turn. When i press arrow my ship turns 2 seconds later and game starts to be unplayable. I play on Mozilla, tried with Edge too.



That is most likely a problem on your end. Do you have applications running in the background?
Also take a look at this: Render performance tips

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Is this something that happens every match or did it just happen 1 match?
And with delayed input do you mean it gets corrected?
We do not delay your input at all, even if you have network lag it still moves instantly.

We do deny input that has too much network lag.
So if your internet is really bad your input will be executed on your PC and then denied later by the server, so then your curve moves back to the time that you pushed a button and then it plays forward again as if you didn’t push the button.

It’s quite technical but hopefully it makes sense.
If this is something you’re experiencing every match then I’m afraid you won’t be able to play CF Pro with your internet connection.


I’ve had the same problem before, its because your internet is too slow. Try tell ur family to get off youtube and close all ur tabs n go in incognito… might work unless you use a crappy internet provider


that doesn’t seem like your parents would get off youtube just for ur simple game lol :slight_smile:


Now its way better. I had it only in 1 game.


Alright great, you or someone on your network was probably just downloading something then or your router might have just had some issues.