Buff Turret


The turrets suck, it is way to hard to hit someone and if you hit someone you steal like 2 points. They are completely useless!


YeS i AgReE!1!1!


they should be more like homing lol that would be op


Turrets steal up a certain amount of points the maximum I have seen is 5. The important thing for turrets is not to steal points, but to do something while you r dead. You can change the whole outcome of a game with turret shots.

It happend to me so much being on 258 or something like that and then suddenly 3 turrets hit you and you have a whole other round to play…

Don’t think they need to be even stronger then they are now


If turrets get buffed more than they are already i’ll legit cry. I get an average of - 30 to - 40 a game from people hitting me with turrets which is about the same as a suicidal speed zapper


Nah, turrets are already too strong, I think they were much better balanced back in the time they were introduced. But since then quite several updates happened, and most of them had more nerfs than buffs - in result vast majority of weapons got nerfed (except defense weapons).

Which I think is overall very good, it puts more aim on survival and I think generally people (and myself) prefer the new balances, but among all those nerfs of the attacking powers, there was one power which didn’t get nerfed even one time, in any single of those updates…

the turrets…

They definitely don’t need to get any stronger or game will be totally out of balance and you will often prefer to die and steal points with turrets, rather than live and risk being attacked (sometimes you already do).

In my opinion they should rather actually get nerfed by the % equivalent of the average total nerf among the attacking weapons, such that they have the same relative strength compared to the modules as when they had been introduces.

(PS. Maybe it could make sense to buff turrets in bronze and silver arenas, though, as beginners generally are poor at aiming them so maybe they should be rewarded more if they finally managed to hit someone. But I’m not sure if it’d be easy to implement and worth the effort.)


at least make them be more precise by making the turns less wide


i honestly think its a miracle if turrets are still here, if it was only about diamond+ opinion they would have disapeard cuz nobody like them, they are mostly there to pass time while you are dead so you dont have to wait 1 min doing nothing.

they are kinda annoying because sometime you have 259 and u get killed 2 time by them and you getback at 249 ;c
or you will just try to avoid them all and dying by trying to not be killed by one of these xd

i think we should make a poll to see if we should remove turrets in gold 5+ arena


no, i think that there has to be another way to do something
it doesn’t matter what arena, but i think the turns should be less wide


and almost diamond+ want them to disappear, so i dont think they gonna do anything to buff them :stuck_out_tongue:


I think turrets should be entirely removed (at least in high ranked games)since their main objetive was keeping people tied to the game by encouraging them to play(when i lost early in a round ,i usualy check my mobile xd and know trully good people shooting their bullets with it )


Turrets seem like too good of a mechanic to remove. People in high elo tend to not use them, and once they start to understand the plays they can make with them, they’ll elevate game play a decent bit.

If they removed the stealing points aspect from turrets, and lowered the cooldown, turrets could easily be used to help a player jump over lines to secure their own spot in the match, if losing points in the game is a main complaint people have with it. So maybe don’t buff, just change their role.


I personally think they should be removed. Costums are so much more fun without them. At least in high ranked games that is.


We like the turret, as it keeps players focussed on the game. Also it is a fun mini game to dodge the turrets.

We are considering to rework the turrets:

  • don’t let them steal points but just give 2 points to the rocket man (this way it has less impact on surviving players)
  • make them easier to control
  • maybe have a small effect on the ‘victim’, like making the ‘victim’ 10% fatter
  • maybe remove the jump effect it has on the ‘victim’

what do you think?


Fatter would be even a worse effect then stealing imo. In late game you have to go through tight spots and getting fatter would be bad.

Not stealing sounds great and making them easier is ok I guess. I don’t really liked the jump effect so that is fine.

Just make them no stealing just gaining and a little easier… don’t make them affect survivers in any way, it just feels wrong to negatively impact those that play good…


I’m happy with turrets how they are at the moment, I would only improve scoring system by fixing the firm amount (i.e. 3 points per each turret) in each round, so it would matter all the time, not only in latter rounds.