Buff passive/defensive modules!


Seeing as Offensive modules have taken top priority on the meta, and i wish to continue using Trigger + Thin effectively, could you at least nerf offensive modules or buff passive/defensive modules? That’d mean alot to me as a player.


I totally agreeeeee


Lets buff them after finishing the tour,will be fun to watch the dynamism


I think a nerf across the board for all attacking modules is needed.


I didn’t play a game for a couple of weeks, played today. But probably it’s better to leave it again for a couple of weeks :slight_smile: Why do you need to change the game with (finally) almost all modules balanced, with a variety of def and off tactics to this one-dimensional shooting contest? pity.


i never tought i could ever say that but… i prefered when passives were 50%… than this


Yes the offensive moudules are wayyy to overpowered. Especially scatter. Everything needs to be under 16%.



i wait for next update with better balance between off & def
like it was before current version, in fact, it was cool
now you can lose a game even if you are the last survivor of each separate round
that has no sense


Tbh scatter is not that good, you have to get very close to someone and mostly people know how to run away from you :joy: But yea offensives are way too strong atm. It makes no sense if you play a perfect match and in the last round you get teamed on and get a -100 :joy:


getting -50 from one shot made me feel like such a noob

i still won though because most people forget that stealth mine is a thing xD


30% defence for passives were totally fine: you could win the game with almost any modules if you’re good enough (off+off, def+off or even def+def sometimes). Now it’s clear that some modules are useless if you want to win. Smaller field doesn’t help to balance it as well.


i know it was perfect. i just say i prefered when they were 50% than now at 0% and with shot super op :smiley:


playing with 2 defensives and trying to win is so fun and challenging now.


Just got to agree with most that’s been said in this thread. “One-dimensional shooting contest” is about right, although rather than contest I’d just say shooting lottery! I think when I first started playing I enjoyed that different tactics could be employed, it felt like you were playing against different ‘characters’ from speed-zappers to fever-spammers to expert-curve-avoiding-survivors (I miss seeing them). It is a multi-player game after all and I liked that different people’s playing styles were valid… and you had to learn different tactics to combat them. Reminded me a little of old 1v1 fighting games.

But now, with a few exceptions, I don’t see anyone winning without being armed with at least one offensive shooting power (or zap.) You just don’t have a ticket in the lottery without one. I myself, despite not being very experienced with offensives, loaded up Side Shot and found myself back in the game! You don’t need to be skilled with it, just land one or two shots in the entire game and you’re in with a chance!

What worries me is as everyone is realising this is the only way to play, so less people will attempt other strategies and therefore will no longer care that the offensives are way OP, in fact, once we’re all used to using them we’ll get upset when they get nerfed! It’s a feedback loop - nerf powers, less people use them, so less people care when they’re next nerfed. Same goes for the offensives, buff them, more people use them and want them to be buffed even more.

I think the interaction between diverse playing styles is the heart of this game, and without that diversity it will quickly lose players and appeal.


Ha, I have to add - I saw someone else had split and multishot loaded up and then they just spam them together at the same time as much as possible, and so I tried it… wow, it totally proves the point. I’ve been playing with at least one defensive for so long that I didn’t realise how useless they’d gotten. I guess I always felt that you needed brake or jump (or a mine) to get out of tight spots to survive… but survival is hardly beneficial anymore (worth so few points) and can in fact be detrimental (eg torpedos, hitting a stray fever). Anyway, stuff what I said about diversity of playing styles… live fast die young pow pow pow I’m a convert. Why’d I waste all this time learning to steer?


Cause you still need to steer? :joy: especially in high ranked games you would get shredded with a powpowpow die quick strategy :joy: I personally still use 1 defensive module cause it is fun… but yea pretty useless.