Buff laser


Laser got stupidly nerfed. Everyone knows that. It steals 3% less and the cooldown is 1 second longer. I never thought it was THAT bad, until this match. https://curvefever.pro/68/replay/nFr4rJ3-8
I hit a quad laser (4 players with 1 laser) and I ended up stealing 6 points. 6 points by hitting 4 players with a laser at once. This is absolutely ridiculous. Please re-buff laser. (first round)


just hack into the game and buff it urself
also, nice job throwing the win xD


shut up


You would have gotten 7 points pre-nerf instead of 6, I feel your pain.


hell no laser doesnt need a buff zap and scatter need to be nerfed, and homing needs to stop being over-buffed, before they buffed homing i had never seen anybody take -20 with homing, my days of fun might just be over


Idea: Laser cooldown: 3s (like every other shot) Steals: 20% (like zap)


That would make laser too overpowered.


it would be 100% balanced



i think they need to nerf all the powers so the game is more skill based it would make the game more welcoming to newer players as well as older ones whot thought that the concept of the powers and damage were to much personally thats my opinion, thats one of the reasons is switched to curve crash. This also might cause people to leave cfp but i they dont really have an alternative except curve crash which has NO powers just pickups, so then they either just realize that weaker powers is better then no powers, or they just quit all together which is also fine



ngl I shouldve insta won that was one of the greatest cfp moments of all time


Are you talking about the best moments contest?


I shouldve insta won the match


It should have instantly put you to 3000 trophies.


Wow you have a nice aim!!
And yes, they have to re-buff lasers. in the first round it is completely useless!!


so true