Broke combo I used to reach GM in a little over a month



From all the games I’ve played, I’ve only seen a single other person use this combo so I hope nobody has already made a thread on this

The combo is angle turns and timebomb but you shoot the time bomb from the back. Started playing just over a month ago and I’ve already reached Gm by using this.

Not only does it have the best survivability in the game imo (You can stall for eternity in a very small space, dodge everything easily except up close homing rocket, and anyone who chases you is just screwed)

But angle turns lets you hit people with time bomb so easily. You can stall with the angle turns and wait for just the right moment to shoot your time bomb in front of someone’s path. The only combos that are troublesome to go against with this are double fever players, other angle turn players(super rare) and homing rocket. I feel like this is a direct upgrade to brake bomb once you’ve mastered it.

Here’s a demo of infinite stall

you can do it in an even smaller space if u want to hit yourself with the bomb but that leaves a tiny bit of line.

Also a plus from using this combo is that every few games someone will call you a hacker and its pretty funny.


Many gms use/used this combo because it is OP


Congrats fam

Lol I remember when u were a gold :slight_smile:


The best I could meet with your strategy is brake and time bomb out the back.


Dude you’re serious ? I see it at least once a day x)


strat is picking up or something, i see it once a day now too but not before.

Yeah I think you can do infinite stall with this combo too but it’ll take more space lol


Don’t forget about those who bombard :wink:


You can endlessly survive with timebomb even without brake/angle turns. So I am not a big fan of the combi itself because the assistent modules don’t really do the job for me.


Am I the person who you saw using angle turns and time bomb? My username was HOY and you said it should be named angle fever pro?


all those golden crates i lost…


u probably have been in a match with me before


this is why i use double fevers now l0l


Oof at least fevers will be nerfed then :joy:


:sweat_smile: I have the most trouble with those players and homing


isn’t it better to have time bomb in the front so its easier to steal points with it.


nah i can steal just as good with it on back, just tap twice and its the same thing as shooting from front cause of angles


well you just have to be good at agle turns


Anglebomb Stall
They nerfed A-turns.


nah angle turns getting its 100% uptime nerfed is what killed this combo, time bomb is fine