Bring back Curve Fever 3


Just like my name, and the name of the topic of this thread suggests.

I can’t believe the creators of this game just REMOVED the best effing game ever. It was so much fun, why not keep it and make this one as well? Why does one need to exclude the other? No I’m not buying the argument that it will force people to play this one. This one is nowhere close to CF3. This one is more complex and it’s not possible to just play it casually with new friends. You need to level up to get all the powers and it takes a really long time. This one is also forced to be more “cool” rather than just overall colorful and fun. It feels more like a tryhard-“cooler” visually version of it.

CF3 was the best game ever, the music, the different characters, the powers - it was perfectly balanced.
It was very newcomer-friendly, easy to understand and interesting.

So just once and for all, please do it for everyone: bring back Curve Fever 3.
I miss the hell out of it and it was one of the games that actually brought joy to my free time I spent.

Bring it back!


I agree with you. I liked Curve Fever 3 and it was the first Curve game I played. There is another game called Curve Crash that is basically a remake of Curve Fever 2, which is a bit closer to Curve Fever 3 than Curve Fever Pro is.