Brand new bug


Devs, there is a new bug that needs to be fixed ASAP. It is similar to the DB_error (301) bug, which can be found here: DB_error (301)
Now this bug is even nastier and much worse. You cannot join a game, create a game, or go to start a quickplay. You get a loading sign forever. You also cannot open crates, send friend requests, change avatars, change leader hats, level up your battle pass, or even see if your friends on your friends list are online. When they are, they appear offline.
This bug is ruining the game, please fix it.
If you want to talk to some people who have the bug for more details, message @aLpHeR or @Maya.

Someone. pls help

So… what did you do before this happened?


Played. it randomly kicked me out and i couldn’t join


didnt hav it … but it could happen cuz bad net


It’s not bad internet… It’s been happening for a few days now


Shoot, I just checked, and I think that this bug is happening to me as well :frowning:
please fix it as fast as possible :smiley:


Woah got shot w it too :open_mouth:


Yesterday, the bug was only on my aLpHeR account. Now it is on all 3 of my accounts, and when I try to make a new account to play on, the bug is on there too and won’t let me join or play any games. I basically can’t do anything in the game except chat.


I’ve notified Geert to see if he can help


Okay thanks Prabh!


Refresh the tab. It solves it for me.


No, the bug is much more serious


Some people are bugged on all accs and can’t play at all… reloading does nothing


Happened 2 me today :open_mouth:
I can’t play again


Okay here’s something weird…
On my third day of having the bug, it just disappeared :thinking:
Not sure if this is a fix or something else, but hopefully it will happen for others ^^


Guyyyyys i think its a fix cos multiple people have been having their accts be unbugged PLEASE TRY YOUR BUGGED ACCT AND HOPEFULLY ITS FIXED :smiley:


Mine is fixed :smiley:


Fixed thanks Geert and Prabh :smile: