Brainbuilder Riddle


I just read the comments above. Since he was a captain of the ship and u mentioned guilt, maybe he once was responsible for sinking a ship with people on board, and got served a human soup instead of a turtle soup? If so, that’s disturbing


The blind gentleman was saved not too long ago from a deserted island. His wife was responsible for making meals for the rest of the crew, and she called it “sea turtle soup”. After the blind man tried the sea turtle soup from the restaurant, it tasted totally different to him. He then realised that what he was eating on the deserted island was soup made from his other survivors from the ship crew, not “sea turtle soup”. The guilt overwhelmed him and he killed himself.


Yeah you’re correct, did you hear this one before? xd


somewhat correct :upside_down_face:


Haha yes, I cheated a bit because I remember a similar riddle someone once told me before. It’s such a specific answer