Brainbuilder Riddle


A blind gentleman walks into a restaurant and orders sea turtle soup. After trying one sip of the soup, the man leaves the restaurant and kills himself. Why did he do that? I encourage you to try and solve this by yourself, although there is one answer to this, the purpose is to encourage lateral thinking, basically creativity. You can ask any questions, and I’ll answer with only “yes” or “no”. Have fun


Did you steal that from Black Stories? :joy:

Ill start and ask if the soup was poisenous/venomous?


No, if the soup was poisonous/venomous he wouldn’t have killed himself. The poison would have done it for him.

also I found this riddle online, don’t have the book your talking about xd


Ohh I just realized that I already played that one but I dont wanna spoil it for other people I will send you a quick dm just to confirm that^^


With what did he kill himself? :thinking:


It doesn’t matter what he used, but I’ll give another hint: he was a captain of a ship.


Alr, may I ask how he was a ship captain if he was blind?


He was born blind, but not relevant why he was blind xd


Okay, I am lost here I have no idea what to ask :laughing:


Does it have to do with wordplay between the words see and sea?


No but nice thinking, i’ll give another hint, the man was a captain of a ship, and his wife was on the ship, but they all got shipwrecked on an island. he made it out but the rest of them didn’t


Did the soup use fake sea turtle meat?


No the soup was 100% real sea turtle soup


Hmmmm how did he die?


He killed himself xD, he realized something when he tasted the soup, then he killed himself out of guilt.


He forgot to pay!


no he payed


lol I was so hopeful xD


Could be he thought he would “see the turtle”, but he didn’t, so he killed himself?



no that’s not the answer but i like your creative thinking xd