Bot verification



Hi everybody,
I’ve been inactive for long time with my account.
I tried few days ago to play again but it ask me to verify that I’m not a bot (my mail was already verified long time ago, I’m level 44).
Even if I reset my mail and I ask to resend me the link to verify, once I verify it, when I get back to the game I still have the same message…
How can I solve this situation? Should I contact someone in particular?
Thanks for your help


We added Captcha to the game because some people were making the game crash with thousands of bots. Now every account has to do the verification once to avoid that kind of stuff again.
You just have to verify that you are not a bot once and it won’t ask you anymore.

Click on “I am not a robot”, then click on the requested images (might not be asked)


Thank you hohoho for your reply.

Where do I find this “I am not a robot”???


Just try to join a game it should shows up

Or maybe it shows up when you try to login but I am not sure


it doesn’t…

As soon as I try to join or create a game it tells me to verify that I’m not a bot but nothing happens…

I thought it was linked to my mail verification but apparently not…

Is there something that could block the Captcha?

Thanks for your help


Could you send some kind of picture or video of what is happening? Because I really don’t see what could cause that…
Don’t you see this popping? image


Could be a browser extension like an ad blocker.
You can try a different browser maybe or try incognito.
Once you are verified then you never get it again.
If that doesn’t work drop your username and I’ll manually verify you.


Hi Rojoss, I tried different browsers, I put curve fever as exception in the Ad Blocker, I can’t play and I don’t see the image of the Captcha that ohohoh posted just before your message…
My username is: G MOSCONI
If you can verify manually for me it would be great!
Thank you in advance for your help!


Something must be wrong on my pc, I don’t know…
I tried to run the game with all browsers, I can’t visualize the captcha image to validate that I’m not a bot…
If you can solve this manually it would be great!
Thanks for your help!


This is the same with me