Bonus for line owner if somebody stops on it



What about rewarding people when they kill somebody with his track.
It should be easy to get the color of the line and give him e.g. ‘+1’


There was such a reward for cut-offs (what you propose, except that it was +10 but only in the case when the person crashed soon after your line at this place was created) once, back in the old times of the game.

It definitely had advantages (and playing speed-jump was so much more fun than now :smiley: (it’s still fun though :wink: )), but there was a good reason why it was abandoned: it made the things very unfair because often you could be the person who killed the other player e.g. by “sandwitching” him between yourself and an existing line, and it’s totally you who killed them but they crashed into this old line rather than into your line. So it was very random whether you got a reward for a kill or not. Or you kill someone because you shoot the fever and the other player suicides to avoid it, it would be unfair if the person into whose line you forced the guy to suicide, got an award for this.


fair points