Blocking VPN and proxy connections


Hi all, today we roll out a small update to the game.
We will no longer accept VPN/Proxy connections.

All accounts with over 20 matches or accounts that have been registered will be checked automatically.
You will not be able to sign in when your account is flagged is as VPN/proxy.

We partnered with IPInteligence to make this happen.
They use advanced artificial intelligence and loads of data sources to validate your IP.

Reasoning behind this change

The main reason we no longer accept these connections is because it adds additional lag.
Especially bad VPN connections can add quite a lot of lag to the networking which results in a worse experience for everyone.

Blocking VPN and proxy connections also adds another layer for security.
It becomes harder to use bot networks and such to attack our servers.

Currently it is quite difficult to moderate the game and keep people that break the rules out.
People could simply turn on their VPN to change their IP and make a new account.
We have a rule in place that avoiding punishments with new accounts is not allowed but this rule was hard to enforce.
Additionally we don’t allow account sharing but with the usage of VPNs it was hard for us to know with certainty that accounts were shared or not.

What if my IP is blocked?

You must disable your VPN if you have it enabled to continue playing!

If you are not using a VPN connection then please contact your internet service provider and notify them of this issue. They can provide you with a non blocked IP.

If you are playing on a public network you can reach out to us and we might be able to add the IP to the ignore list. We will only do this for public networks such as schools and not for personal requests.


The development of CurveFeverPRO has really been an all-around disappointment since new leadership took over. Zero-tolerance policy now followed up by an attempt to force people to not use VPN’s or proxies and secure themselves more on-line, if they wish to play your game. What an absolute disaster. Some recent data estimations are that over 1.2billion users worldwide use VPN’s or other proxy’s. Some don’t like people protecting themselves online, namely; Iran, China, Russia and Rojoss. LOL. What a tragedy.
All the whining aside, everyone who really wishes to bypass the system, will bypass it, or has bypassed it already.


Thanks for the constructive feedback…

You can think about it what you want but all stats are positive.
Sessions didn’t drop they actually grew by 14% compared to a week ago.
Only 200 blocked sessions in a week (< 0.3%) from which a lot are the same people trying to sign in multiple times. Based on statistics the estimate is that around 60 people have been blocked so far.
If there were truely 1.2b people that used VPN then we’d see a massive drop which isn’t the case.

Average ping went down from 117ms to 83ms from all sessions throughout the day.
That’s almost 30% decrease in lag on average, that’s massive.

Surely it can’t solve all issues but it does reduce a lot of lag.


Totally disagree with you Rojos. In the end you will be playing this game… alone.