Black Hole (Power-up Suggestion)



Ok, real quick, i just want to suggest a new power-up for whatever gamemode you want to add it.

  1. It’s called Black Hole.
  2. The effect of the Black Hole is random.
  3. It’s throwable and it has a core.
  4. Once a player go into it, the Black Hole starts to pulling the player towards the core.
  5. If the player touch the core of the Black Hole, he will receive a random fever effect or he will lose points.
  6. The player can steer in the opposite side from the core and avoid it.

Here’s some statistics for the Black Hole:

  • STEALS - 10.5% OR fever effect
  • COOLDOWN - 7s
  • TRIGGER SIZE - 120



We actually have/had this implemented but never made it in the live game haha.
It was called the gravity well :slight_smile:

It didn’t apply an effect if you reached the middle though but still pulled you inside which was quite nice :stuck_out_tongue: