Big bug in the game


Dear admin,

I would like to ask you to fix the issue that is: when you accidentally leave the room…you cannot reenter it…it has costed me quite some rank because i accidentally left the game and eventually finished that game last…

Best regards,


This actually isnt a bug because devs said that there are currently more important things to fix. But you r completely right, a rejoin button would be great.

As for the last tournament: In the playoffs for the finals 2 players lost connection or accidentally left the game, idk tbh. But they lost because of it and couldnt advance into the final, which in my opinion sucks.


Rojoss did say they tried a rejoin button, but it was enormously buggy.


OK yes, i agree it’s not really a bug,but they could improve the game with the rejoin option.
Also another thing is the match making…i don’t think it works as it should.

Other than that it’s a great game and I really like the new update, as I think it’s much more fair to the new players.