Better ways to earn XP



If you think of it, the only way you can get XP is only by opening crates. And 1 day xp boost is such a useless thing. 24 hours is a day and 18 hours is how long it takes to open a crate, not ideal eh?..

How can we fix this:

1. Reduce time of opening crates

4 hours is basic crate
6 hours is bronze crate
10 hours is silver crate
14 hours is golden crate

It doesn’t change a lot, but it’s still enough to open at least one crate everyday

2. More slots

4 slots for crates is small amount(based on that type of crate you earn everyday) so it will be better if players could open new slot for gems making it up to 6 slots

3. Getting XP in games

25 XP then on 1st place
15 XP then on 2nd place
5 XP then on 3rd place
3 XP then on 4th place
2 XP then on 5th place
1 XP then on 6th place

This is there XP boosts come in handy you can buy or get them and get 2x amount of XP. Without the XP boosters it will just speed up getting new level for a bit.


That was all i could come up with… at least for now…

If someone from the staff is reading this and nothing that i mentioned here cannot be added could you please explain why?

Bye for now!


I agree with you


I agree with these suggestions, but the system is trash in the first place and it would be better if they just change the system. The progression is way too slow after level 20


Totally agree with you


The progression is ok in my opinion, of course it takes a while but that is what the devs want in the first place. Tbh until xp level 15 or even 20 it is super quick. The thing that bothers me more is that after lasr there are no more rewards. It would be nice to get something there (hats, icons, on lvl 40 even a skin or something like that)

  1. Opening crates faster can generally be done with gems if you want to do so. I do not quite agree with making basic crates open that fast :joy: everyone would just go for basic crates then cause they open quicker and don’t give much less xp.7

  2. We had 8 once. Would be a great idea indeed to unlock them with gems. But it would be kinda expensive then I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. Agree games should give you XP but only the top 3 should get it (that would increase the challenge and people would not just spam leave games all the time to gain XP). Also 25 for a win sounds like a lot.


AGREE. Also, ironically, you posted this 20hrs ago as I am posting this. :neutral_face: