Best way to get gems?



Just a quick question… what is the best/most efficient ways to get gems without paying for them? I want new skins but I’ve been stuck on the same amount of gems for a while and have no clue how to get more

Any little tip could help


play more matches to get more crates


But my crates only boost my XP lvl…?


when you open the crates and level up you get gems if you don’t get a new power


Honestly, there are only two ways of getting gems. First, by leveling up. Second, by being top 3 in an official tournament.

The leveling up method is pretty much inefficient since you receive 10 gems per two levels. The tournament method might be efficient since it rewards you 600 - 100 gems, but it’s hard to accomplish.

I would suggest you to not think about this, or just buy the least pricy skin, yet one of the best with it’s collision box, Think Pink.


Or you can get gems with art contests on the official discord :wink:


Support the Servers and buy a Skin!


one day i’m going to get 600 gems i just have about 300 left to go


Honestly @Jonathan_Great just open a new account I guess cause getting gems is near impossible in the game. Used to not be this way