Best plays [Unofficial]


Hey all,

If anyone has had some great plays recently please send me the match code! I’m thinking of making a “breakdown” video of what makes the best plays and different strategy advice etc. and it would be awesome to have different peoples’ gameplay in as well as my own and also to have other peoples’ strategues in rather than just my own. :slight_smile:

Also feel free to send in more than 1 round :slight_smile:

What is your coolest move you have done?

Where do we have to send it? Hidden monstergame or just in this topic?


Just in this topic or pm them through here or discord. This is unofficial so to me not to Hidden Monster Games.


in one of these i pull off a really cool trick shot with my tracking shot



Last round :joy: :smirk:


At the last round, this guy jumped over me and i survived


Just to note, it doesn’t have to just be a round where you pull off a nice shot or get huge points increase, but can also be a round where you survive despite being targetted by everyone or something like that.


Ik :joy: but it was the first time i really used laser in a while and it was pretty funny


old but good XD


Aww I remember your good old videos :3