Best plays & biggest fails contest



Replays are BACK! :sparkles::partying_face:
Hi everyone!
As you’ve all noticed, replays have been added back into the game. This gives everyone the possibility to replay and rewatch your most epic game moment or your biggest fail. To celebrate this, we decided to host a new contest:
Best plays & biggest fails

This time we will have two categories in which you can submit your crazy game moment:
- Category :one:: best play :crown:
- Category :two:: biggest fail :exploding_head:

Best plays and biggest fails contest rules & instructions

  • only 1 submission per user per category (1 best play, 1 biggest fail)
  • There is a separate prize pool for both categories, it is ok to only submit a gif for one category
  • The gifs can be max 15 seconds (shorter is preferred)
  • You can use replay for recording
  • No video editing allowed
  • The gif needs to be a single clip (from start to end)
  • Modifying the speed of the replay or gif is allowed
  • Cropping the screen is allowed to only record a certain area but no camera following or movement
  • You must provide the matchID and round number for all submissions
  • The gif cannot have usernames in it, it has to be anonymous
  • Others can be involved in the clip but only one user can submit it, no duplicates (first to submit)
  • It has to be your best play or biggest fail (so don’t submit a gif in which you don’t play the main role)
  • Rewards will only be given to the user who submitted the clip
  • You cannot share your submissions publicly. If you do, you will be immediately disqualified.
  • You are not allowed to ask friends to explicitly vote for your submission, or make alts to vote for your submission(s). This also results in being disqualified.
  • No overwriting submissions, once you have submitted your gif you can’t change it.

Because we have two categories there are two chances to win gems! Prizes are the same for both categories:

Winner best play & worst play
:1st_place_medal: - 300 gems + contest winner role
:2nd_place_medal: - 250 gems
:3rd_place_medal: - 200 gems
4th - 175 gems
5th - 150 gems
6th -125 gems
7th - 100 gems
8th - 75 gems
9th & 10th - 50 gems

You can submit your gifs until 2022-05-22T18:00:00Z
Voting closes 2022-05-29T18:00:00Z

You can submit your gif by sending me a dm on Discord (anja#4844) or on the forum (@anya).
If you have any questions regarding the contest you can ask them in #contest-questions (on discord), on the forum (here) or by sending me a dm (discord preferred). We look forward to seeing your game moments! :star_struck:


Time to get to work!


I gotta get to work :laughing:


Cool! Looking forward to your submission(s) :slight_smile:


Don’t forget, you only have two more days to submit your best play or biggest fail!! :star_struck:

Just to be clear:

  • The GIF can be no longer than 15 seconds
  • Please specify it’s category
  • Also give the replay and round number
  • If you have the video, please make sure to convert it to a GIF


You have 6 more hours! Don’t forget to submit!!


Ok.‎ ‎ ‎


Are the results out yet? (I don’t have discord so I’m hoping results will appear on forum)



Yes, sorry I completely forgot to also post them here!


So we will get our gem rewards soon, right? (sorry i’ve never done a contest like this before)


rewards have all been given to the people who won (look at the picture above)


Oh, ok. Sorry. :slight_smile: