Best players of CFPro - Wall of Glory πŸ† [2019 - 2021]



@Line do you have the match code from this match?
Even if i can’t verify nothing with it atm it will be better if i add it next to the record


Sadly not was a while ago :stuck_out_tongue: Uhm if you want help with the verifying I can help you tho


No need of verifying for this record, but please, if you upload a new record, insert the match code from the game


This noob @Noodles wants to claim another record:

Most points up to 4 rounds

Matchcode: HyRkSfMHE.0


someone broke the record :stuck_out_tongue: checkout the account named β€œNo.”


Who this?


@stellan No one no.'s :joy:

Sorry, bad pun.


If you make a new record, please upload it as a picture, video or a gif + the match code from the match!!!


4 player 4 round win


Category suggestion:
Win with the least time alive :smiley:


i think @hohoho managed to get something like +13 battle points with less than 60 seconds alive to win.


Win a round with the least time or with a match with least time? Both sounds good, but maybe only one will be enough.

  • Win a match with least time
  • Win a round with least time

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I think this can’t be measured in a round, but for a match


I got +13 (round 1) :stuck_out_tongue:


I got two records probably easy to replicate. (not. lol)

Don’t have proof but i won a 5 player game with 47 seconds survival time never took a screenshot and I forgot the match id. I don’t expect to be put on without proof but I’m just saying that it’s very possible for very low survival time and still winning.

Also I won a game without dying once (even when the round was already won) or getting hit.


2nd one is not a record. I had a lot of it (games without dying or getting hit) when I played without modules. It’s an old version which didn’t include turrets, but it wasn’t easier to avoid fever/shot hits then.
Here is one to prove:


I gained 123 points in 12,3 seconds. Is the most points gained in the least amount of time also a record?!

This is the match code to check it yourself if it is a record: 6VhmC25IrE.0


It’s hard to make such a record as category. Either it must be a category with setted amount of time (example: Most stolen points for 10 seconds) or setted amount of points (example: Less seconds to 100+ stolen points). But because there is already a similar category (Most stolen points in a round), there is no need of these two.


Cool ;)!


personal best