* Best players of all time - Wall of Glory * [2018]



Biggest difference ever is this one:

Unbeatable with last updates though :frowning:


Hehe :smirk:


I’d love to see what’s the amount of points won from shooting missiles (the ones you shoot when you die)

shooters come out and show me whachu got


nt @Owl


134 at end of round 2


can we add… hmm the most round in a game (with more than 1 player)

nobody is gonna beat that lol


How is this even possible XD


bug + wasting 2h of my life for that screenshot


Highest number of hits with turret in one round


So many rounds are impressive, but if they were created by the bug, I can not add it as a record. (How will others beat it?) Also the tower hit record, because with more hits, there is no way to verify it.

Sorry guys :frowning:


i was kidding lmao, max round is 9 btw and it aready has been reached


@Ozzzj you should do a new wall of glory, cuz all item has been nerf of kinda 40%, its impposible to reach old record


There will be a new board for the new year, and this one will be closed. (it will be pinned all the time)


That’s amazing


It isnt amazing at all, im pretty sure that someone got more hits.