* Best players of all time - Wall of Glory * [2018]



Round 4, 241+76+50=367


Urgh, how could you beat my 362 points record with 367 points record? xD


Sorry mate! Join my challenge game to beat me :wink:


I have a new topic, but this one is sadly hard to proof. :confused:

This score was a +20 with mine, and a +115 with ONE multi shot double kill. (+63, and +52 from the 2 players i hit with that shot) :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Should screenshot the bottom right point log next time!


I made + 173 with a triple kill with multi and another Time +163 :wink:



was sooooo close to beat 3 record in the same game but nope this game hate me


Anyone beat these 2 records since the update nerfing everything?


Didn’t try it… they seem pretty strong tho :joy: wait a sec ill do this with speed speedy :joy:


Almost made round 3 win with new update. got to 195 without dying and tried to get another kill but got killed back so 227 in round 3.


362 +50 = 412 :stuck_out_tongue:image


yeah it was the only place we could see it xd


You only got + 40.


lol true, but on the leaderboard at the end, it showed +50


211 at end of 3rd round ( forgot to take it so i take it at the start of the round 4 c;)


Nt hohoho :3


I know its not as good as you guys, but I have to be proud!

Its my highest gain ever.


How about biggest win ever? 243 points?