* Best players of all time - Wall of Glory * [2018]



If you want, we can make vote poll


well, u can calculate, that
81+48+35+23+17+6 = 210
6*10 (starting) + 50+40+30+20+10 (survive) = 210
so it cant be in further rounds,
but if it’s insufficient, idc, don’t make a poll. :smiley:


After school, I will make a poll :stuck_out_tongue:


Doesnt worth the effort, i dont really care :smiley:


You got it! Ozzzj just salty that he’s been knocked off the leaderboard :stuck_out_tongue:


Not true :smiling_imp:

Include screenshot p.peti?
The majority of votes win, time to 20.30 today.

  • Yes
  • No

0 voters


New record by @JowBlob



+191 in 1 round is record, right?


Screen was made at the wrong moment


Alternatively, he could even make 2 screenshots before and after.


we can be sure he had 239 cuz he havent proof
and @rice the record is 224 by hrvat


Gimme my two records :joy:




Almost got the 500 barrier :joy:


Almost… but who will be first with more than 500 points?




Is 330 a record for most points after the 4th round? Just repeated it (I was a bit late with screenshot but you can conclude that it’s 4th round by the total points of all players)


If @p.peti allows it, I will save you next to him


Nah, i have better score 362 points :3


Wow, nice one!