* Best players of all time - Wall of Glory * [2018]



79* guys :smiley:


i had 2 record at the time for only 2 hour :rage: i will beat you ozzzj, i want this record back


So close to the record :joy:

246+163+50 = 459


you’re not going to beat me that easily. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



lol you kidding me? i was gonna post a +19 then you put that xD


If I am not online and the record is documented, another moderator, if he / she wants to, can edit the topic and add it.

If there was a new record and I would not be online.


But you only got 60 points! It would only be a new record if you got 80! (I’m still kinda mad I didn’t printscreen an 83 I got a while ago)


Yes it’s true XD


Or you can be like me and try to get the least score possible…Mabey I should continue my quest to be the least ranked player…


I’ve tried to reach paper, it was pretty much impossible. Good luck though :joy:


Thanks, i will get it though…


~~ 340 or 360 score in 5 round


To be honest, that was against some trash players…


a made 325 in round 4 so i dont think its that much :smiley:


I know VIDMAN and I know u are good player hohoho and u had to tell us about it, but let me be proud of little steps to be pro xD


329 xD omg


A desperate attempt (that was round 4).


@Ozzzj :wink:


I believe you, but I do not know if such a screen can be accepted