* Best players of all time - Wall of Glory * [2018]



you will have to share your record @Ozzzj :wink:


I think it would be fine to put you next to me. :stuck_out_tongue:


but now I am alone :smiley:


Maaan, I once got 83, but I hit the wrong key and instead of screenshotting, it changed the screen and I missed the chance to screenshot. I haven’t managed to recreate it yet :’(


i beated myself xd


Is there a category for most points stolen in a single attack? I feel like Panzergrenadler using multi in its op-state may be claiming it.

Cuz gotdamn, this boi came at me using multi as if it were the old speed/zap combo, then one of his other projectiles just happened to hit someone else due to multi’s ridiculously op area coverage. We were barely 6 seconds into the round and he’s already got +80


Ive got once +80 by a single bullet but i have no screens


How do you want to prove the amount of points from one attack?


Suppose there’s not really a good way to prove things like this without either a vid, or the attack being a single bullet/fever that’d show up in the bottom right. So probably not category-worthy since not everyone will be able to prove their claims.

Chances are you were in last and hit someone in first to make that happen. This guy was in 3rd and hit someone in 2nd + someone 5th.



As I said, that works for items if you only got a single hit off with it. I’m pretty sure it separates the damage for multi-hit items like if you hit two people with dual shot, etc.

but ye, woweee, you beating the +80 with multi.


i have made +91 with multi level 2 but i didnt take it in screenshot cuz it was useles


Same, but +100. It’s ez with multi


Can some mod nerf that shit b4 sunday?


Why? Just play with it… Double is pro too, my lvl steal 43%


I dont even have it




its true that this shit is OP but it dont need an huge nerf. this is way harder to use than it look, cuz of the angles.


How is this possible? Round 1 is max 10 points each player multiplied with 6 is 60 max in round 1… 74?


You get 10 points per person who dies while you survive. He only took 14 points, and also was longest to survive, so he got +60.