* Best players of all time - Wall of Glory * [2018]



Hey Pros!
As the main thread has made a mess :basic_crate:, I decided to do a new one in which the best players with the best records will be updated on a regular basis! :gm: It’s enough that someone inserts the screen as evidence and it will be entered. In addition, the player can do his gif / image (dimensions 32x32 :desert_island: ) which will be inserted next to his nickname! You can also give your ideas for records, I will add it to the topic. :space_invader:

gg Most points (unspecified number of rounds) gg
@Line - 498 Emoticon_charm_surprise



gg Most points (up to 4 rounds) gg
@NICK - 367 Emoticon_angel


gg Most points (up to 3 rounds) gg
@Owl - 257 KBGMWXdUTHumpc8Mneqv_rainbow2DC_V2



gg Most points (up to 2 rounds) gg
@hohoho - 162 coolspot


gg Most points (up to 1 round) gg
@p.peti - 81 14



gg The most points collected during the round gg
@Line - 259 364394463



If I am not online and the record is documented, another moderator, if he / she wants to, can edit the topic and add it. :smirk_cat:

Best players of CFPro - Wall of Glory 🏆
Best players of CFPro - Wall of Glory 🏆

this picture was from a while ago but i got 463 points


I+224 wtih 400 score ^^




Ooh, I was so close!


Don’t forget this!

Note: It was at the 4th round.


Which records should include this screenshots? there is a better record in the 4th round in terms of points. @Stardust-12217411


I meant that I was very close to the records. Maybe I should go back playing just so that I get a ridiculous record like the others. :wink:


can i be there for winning the most laggy game by playing only the last round ( cuz of lag) and having 400 ping and 8 fps? :smiley:


If you had a recording and the status of ping and fps would be displayed in the game, yes.


i was joking i dont wanna be there for that… but maybe for the most pts after 2 round (im working on this)


highest score on round 2 ( the is no record yet so i dont know if this is good )


You must win/end the match


why? its impossible to win in two round xd


If here will be the first 5 positive votes, I will add this option.
If here will be the first 5 negative, then no…
If there are no 5 votes to September 24 I will choose the option that has the most.

Should I add a record of achieved points in 2 rounds?

  • No
  • Yes

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1 more!!!


By democratic way, you have been honored on the wall, congratulations!



I know its not a record but its pretts close to two of them :joy:

202 + 192 + 50 = 444


wow, just wow :scream:


this will prob be beaten in 1 day but yeahhh