* Best players of 2019 - Wall of Glory *


this has to be some kind of record
most points stolen from 1 player (im sure this isnt it but still)


It is most likely not a record but still quiet impressive.




ok so match code 7-I2NsMpz.0 should have the record for most in 2 rounds and most in 3 rounds but not 4 rounds. Considering i got -30 and another player died early before i could shoot them, i think winning a game in 3 rounds should be possible.

also i have a new laptop so the printscreen was taken late (couldn’t find the button lol) but i got 84 in my first round with last jump :stuck_out_tongue:

just to note that this was 6 players but one player ragequitted ater i rekt them all


@Rojoss, for some reason i don’t have permissions to edit this topic (even after i created it). Is this a forum bug or someone just took my permissions?


most stolen points in a game sjXDlxoPa.0


what combo?? wow thats good


One shot + Scatter Shot :3


owo uwu owo



924 :joy: how is that even possible :joy: you could have finished almost 4 games with that


It was a long match… i really mess up at some points, but at the end i won :3

(<3 Round 4)


Yeah you’re not allowed to edit posts after a while, that’s where wiki posts are for.
I’ve converted this one to a wiki post for you.


woah dude you have some skill jeez wow people are so good at this :rofl:


I’d like to propose a quickest match category.



Can you send me the match code as well?


Here’s mine “ryWLLqW24.0” for most points stolen in a round!


Well I got 194 but, I stole more than Darmcy and won!

heres the code- BkxgU3b2V.0


I won too and Its speed of winning not points


My curve is broken but I can get you the code


Ok. I just need the code of the match and that’s all