* Best players of 2019 - Wall of Glory *


gm in least game? New category?


I wish you luck and perseverance in running the topic throughout the year. <3 :smiley:


:gm: It doesn’t sounds bad, but it’s more like an achievement than a record. And by the way, congratulations for this achievement! :gm:


well people still can beat it, i don t understand your point lol


Just to clarify, what are the stolen points exactly?

If you want to be accurate, the stolen points here are 17.
But you might mean the “best balance change” by saying most stolen points, which is +15.


It was the sum of all of them in the previous version of this record collection, so 15 in this case.


most stoled pts on 1st round


that isnt one of them, good job though


i would have most points stolen in a single round if my school hadn’t wiped all the pictures off my laptop. I had 129 :frowning:


Most points stolen
Let it be a not bugged record :smiley:


Nt peti :stuck_out_tongue:


@Line do you have the match code from this match?
Even if i can’t verify nothing with it atm it will be better if i add it next to the record


Sadly not was a while ago :stuck_out_tongue: Uhm if you want help with the verifying I can help you tho


No need of verifying for this record, but please, if you upload a new record, insert the match code from the game


This noob @Noodles wants to claim another record:

Most points up to 4 rounds

Matchcode: HyRkSfMHE.0


someone broke the record :stuck_out_tongue: checkout the account named “No.”


Who this?


@stellan No one no.'s :joy:

Sorry, bad pun.


If you make a new record, please upload it as a picture, video or a gif + the match code from the match!!!


4 player 4 round win