* Best players of 2019 - Wall of Glory *


Hello new and old Curve Fever Pro players!

You know what they say, right? New year, new luck! And with the new year, (of course) there are also new high scores! I decide to make a new topic based on this one * Best players of all time - Wall of Glory * [2018] to continue our race to the top of the Wall of Glory. Actually, I thought there was a new one for the new year, but it seems like there wasn’t :confused: .


  1. All records must be made in QUICK PLAY

  2. Once you beat a record, YOU HAVE TO upload a full screen picture, video or a gif + the match code as a prove

    • You can take a picture with any program or PRT SCR / Snipping Tool ~ (on windows OS)
    • You can record with any screen recorder + Xbox recorder ~ (on windows 10 OS [Win + G / Win + R])
    • You can find your match code in Setting ~ Match History or in the official CF Pro Discord server by typing in general ~ !lastmatch[your nickname] / !matches[your nickname] )
  3. Do not upload/write anything in this topic except

    • New records
    • Comments related to the topic
    • Suggestions for new records
      (This rule exist to prevent all offtopic spams on this topic, if you want to do write any unrelated posts, do it on the official CF Pro Discord server)

Ok, that’s it! Prepare for the battle to the top of the Wall of Glory! READY? SET, GO!

*If I’m not online, I will be glad if any official CF moderator add the new records to the topic :heart: *


:paper: Most points (up to 1 round) :paper:


~ Insert the match code from the game the next time!

  • :six: PLAYERS - @Line ~ 84 points

(Note: he has got +10 points from the second round)
6ac10d0e55ee4c9dabcf433da58de0a4ddf73459_2_690x388 ~ 7-I2NsMpz.0

:bronze: Most points (up to 2 rounds) :bronze:




:silver: Most points (up to 3 rounds) :silver:

@theangelov ~ 197 points


~ H1bsXmPHV.0

:gold: Most points (up to 4 rounds) :gold:


~ FiSJafxj-.0


~ rJRAyytS4.0

:diamond: Most points (up to 5 rounds) :diamond:


~ rJoLXYeS4.0


~ DwVHbZUna.0

:master: Most points (up to 6 rounds) :master:

@theangelov ~ 351 points


~ HkZ5Y-DrN.0

@nobody ~ 351 points


b5bad5225ae4c4e1973eb6a903a82acaa11819a3_2_690x457 ~ rkanvV4nE.0

:gm: Most points (up to 7+ rounds) :gm:

@theangelov ~ 418 points


~ PWD0C7_0j.0

:coin: Most stolen points in a round :coin:

@theangelov~ +203 points


~ r14PhH-TV.0

:gem: Most stolen points in a game :gem:

@BIGDROJAS ~ 982points


578e6f7521a2d7ebd5a7f8bb439b884ddb7dada6_2_570x500 ~ sjXDlxoPa.0

:skull: Longest survived time in a game :skull:

@Noodles ~ 682 seconds


image ~ Insert the match code from the game the next time!

:stopwatch: Shortest match time :stopwatch:
(Only the winner of the match is available to upload this record as his own)

@Darmcy ~ 3 minutes & 35 seconds


~ B18gShbh4.0

:boom: Most turret hits in a round :boom:



New Record for most Stolen points in a game! POST YOUR RECORDS HERE!
What is your coolest move you have done?

Please fix this one.


What customs?


Depends when you did that, there was a bug in the previous versions counting more points than it should :smiley:



New record? This one was played 2/3 days ago. So there is no bug


You have to enter the match code as well
I made that rule because i want new records , please, try to find your match code in your match history


Yee well idk my matchcode :joy:
U can’t see in history ur battle points as well so its very hard to find


Ok, it’s fine, but the next time please take the match code and make a full screen picture of your record


Sureee, I will probably never make it again but I will do it if it happens :joy:


gm in least game? New category?


I wish you luck and perseverance in running the topic throughout the year. <3 :smiley:


:gm: It doesn’t sounds bad, but it’s more like an achievement than a record. And by the way, congratulations for this achievement! :gm:


well people still can beat it, i don t understand your point lol


Just to clarify, what are the stolen points exactly?

If you want to be accurate, the stolen points here are 17.
But you might mean the “best balance change” by saying most stolen points, which is +15.


It was the sum of all of them in the previous version of this record collection, so 15 in this case.


most stoled pts on 1st round


that isnt one of them, good job though


i would have most points stolen in a single round if my school hadn’t wiped all the pictures off my laptop. I had 129 :frowning:


Most points stolen
Let it be a not bugged record :smiley:


Nt peti :stuck_out_tongue: