Being unable to get back in


First of all; hi everyone, you prob don’t know me , just a gamer that loves this game fair and square.

I used to play curve fever 2 as a maniac and just started pro a few months ago.
Very nice to play, especially with the added powers.
The only thing that bugs me is , when you lose for a couple of seconds the WiFi-connection you get thrown out (what is normal) but when the connection is restored, I’m still unable to rejoin the game I was in, with the effect I end up last and as a Diamond player this loss of points is sometimes huge.

Guys, I know HGM stopped developping, but I just want to know if I’m the only one who experiences this, and do u guys have some tips I can do for when it happens.

Much love, Deur’ .

I can't rejoin games

Deur I think the devs will not fix this because hidden monster games gone bankrupt D:


Yo Rexy, thanks in advance for replying!!

I know they stopped working on the game, but do you sometimes have it as well?


I got this bug probably more than 5 times and it’s indeed very game-breaking. It ruins the whole point of trying to reach a high rank because getting -25 when being high up ruins your progress by multiple hours. I think the devs might get on to fixing some bugs eventually, and I assume this one would be one of the first ones to get fixed since it’s a pretty serious one.


I do hope so. Curve fever 2 is much older then pro and even that game has that feature.

And the loss of points is prob even worse for you cause you’re gm right?

It’s just annoying sometimes cause 3 seconds of no internet can literally fuck your entire progression of the day…