Be Ready Curvers



Hi Curvers,

Please make sure you’re online tomorrow on the Forum and Discord for 18:00 CEST for a special announcement…

WHEN: 18:00 CEST, Saturday 29th May 2021
WHERE: CurveFever Pro Discord and Forum
WHY: ???

Link to CurveFever Pro Discord:





@prabh Will it also be on the cfp tour server?


Zap buffing incoming D:? what could it be :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@Aron123 No, it’s only going to be on CF Forum and CF Official Discord.

The CFP tour server is for the tournaments that are hosted by Roxie, Magician, etc. - It is not an official server for Curve Fever.


A truly special moment for curvefever this will be.


Ahh ok thanks!

Still IPBANNED on the cfp official discord :tired_face:. So I guess I will have to check cfp forum…


It’s not an IP ban, but a permanent ban



I mean that I was banned on my account that wasn’t the one I have now. I still can’t join the server no matter what account I used.


change your ip


I can’t LOL


Maybe you were banned on both accounts?


3 hours to go!




Expired link?




Use Zap? [Yeah/Nope]


Less than 10 minutes remaining!


Hopefully I do better in the next contest.