Battle Pass - share with the community how far you are at unlocking tiers!



Yesterday, on 24th of January, patch 1.6.0 went live in-game! With that update, the developing crew released Battle Pass system which is really cool in my opinion. It is seasonal and in every season, players can buy it for 400 gems. Season lasts for 90 days and players can collect tiers during the season. There are 50 tiers in the first season. More information about that update can be found here: Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 24-01-2019 | 1.6.0.

So, I am curious of how far you have got with the tiers - that is also the main reason, why I created this topic. I would like to suggest posting a screenshot of how far you are every day, in the evening. I will start with that. Since I could not create a poll, I had to figure out another solution for getting feedback to my next question. The question sounds like this: Have you bought the Season Pass for season 1? Add a heart to this topic if you have, or reply to this thread.
25th of January, ~ 21:00 CET:


As you can see, I have 9 tiers so far and I am halfway done with getting the 10th tier!
P.S. Do not forget to add the time (you can say around what time it was) of when you took the screenshot!
Let’s see who will unlock the Vampire skin first!



29th of January, ~ 00:00 CET:






tier 4 let’s go


tier 6 but no battle pass :frowning:


tier 4 no battle pass.
If I get a tier every 3 or 4 days, should I be able to get to tier 33?

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I just got the cogwheel icon! :slight_smile:


Rasta skin!


tier 18


30th of January, ~ 23:00 CET:



Tier 34 with Night.


I never realized that if you spent 400 gems, you’d get everything you have already earned + what you earn in the future, so I never bought it. I thought it was based on only what you have earned. Oops. I really should get it though. 1200 gems here lying around :stuck_out_tongue:


Lvl 33 with battle pass


How is it going for you, curvers?


Nab me


Level 86. :octopus: :


OK, so my challenge is done, 2 x 50 Tier… what will I do in the next 2 months?