Battle Pass Season 2 extended until the 1st of October


Hello everyone!:hugs:

Due to the upcoming teams’ update, we decided to extend the current Battle Pass season until the 1st of October 2019.

Currently, we’re still wrapping up the new game mode and we really don’t want to compromise quality-wise. We have some fun ideas for Season 3 and we aim to give the BP update the attention it deserves and not rush it.

I apologize for the extended wait time to those of you who already completed the battle pass and were looking forward to the new season.

For everyone else who is still getting through tiers, you have a little over a month extra to unlock the Angel Skin!

Thank you all for your understanding! :black_heart:


@Alpha there you go, told you this might happen.

:joy: no worries take your time, we all prefer 2 good updates whuch might take a little more time, then 2 worse rushed once :wink: in other words… I WANT TO PLAY TEAMS HURRY UP!!! :joy::joy: