Battle Pass Season 1 is Ending!


Hello everyone! :wave:t2:

Hope you are all doing good :grin:. I just wanted to remind you all that Season 1 of the Battle Pass is ending very soon (~24h left). If you, like myself, are on the last leg of the BP track, now is the time to grind for that vampire skin.

Season 1 ends on May 24th! After that, all the skins, avatars and hats included in the reward track for the Battle Pass Season 1 will be gone to make way for all the new Season 2 rewards.

There will be a 1-day off-season. During the off-season, you cannot purchase tiers or claim any unlocked rewards.

Rewards that are not claimed before the next season starts will be gone forever! Season 2 starts on the 25th of May (Saturday) at 12 pm GMT!





lol! I meant May! sorry :sweat_smile:


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Not funny :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Ban @Line for deeming something not funny

…wait, wrong thread?


Time to make a new menu that lets you select previous season hats and avatars.


This is what I’ve gotten to with the BP 1! 04%20AM


Can’t wait to see the new rewards :smiley:


i wonder what will it be like not being in a season for a day :thinking:


Phew! Bought the pass yesterday, so I’m good. Thanks for an amazing game, and I look forward to the next one!


Good thing I got the robot skin, lol


My friend got it yesterday


Tell him that after the day off ends,it wont be impossible to get all bp season 1 prizes he needs to farm till lvl 50 today or buy them with gems


No offense me and my friends don’t buy nothing…


me neither lol


I only bought them because i had so much spare gems,since this game gave gems in the beginning


Oh dang


Guys only two hours left!!!


Why is the Battle pass another 23 hours?