Battle pass points



Howdy, everyone! This is my first post on the forum so bear with me. As we all know, the first season of the battle pass was introduced to us about three and a half months ago. Personally, I enjoyed every aspect of what the battle pass had to provide for us. However, one thing I couldn’t help but notice was that the XP points rewarded after a game was removed ever since the battle pass was introduced. Getting 50000 battle points was a challenge but a very doable one and once you hit the 50k mark, you keep on gaining the BP points, but there is no reward for it. So, I was wondering if the players could earn XP in exchange for the “extra” BP points earned. It could be like for every 10k extra battle pass points, you could exchange it for 1k XP points or even 10k extra battle pass points for like 10 gems. LMK how the rest of yall feel about this.


50K is so easy,each average player does it in 1 month,although i think this is thought as well for every new player that start to play in the midseason or even in the last season days,well concerning about “you” is proposing . i think is a great idea, baring in mind the enthusiasts players that play from the beginning of the season


nice idea you :grinning: