Bann teams


SexyBoy69 and SexyGirl69 teaming hard openly in quickgame, hope they will be banned soon :smiley:


Please Mods do not ban them…time for exposing (if you don’t know check my YouTube channel)


As far as I see in the rules :joy: teaming is not forbidden :joy:


Teams are annoying but happen less than they are made out to by bad players. A player called Rec often ruins games by going into fevers on purpose and feeding other players. It’s sad but they get kicks annoying people. Which is one of the reasons I’m quitting. This game is broken in many ways, they are adding up.

I’m quitting after 6 years of playing. I used to play the old Curve. I would suggest if this game ever gets updated- to first remove the current mods who ban very basic swearing in the chat- (why even have a profanity filter option if mods can get annoyed and ban you for nothing?). I was banned for writing ‘bollox’ after losing a game, it’s not even profanity, it’s a non issue. I’ve seen and written worse in the chat, it’s all a bit of a laugh but seemingly the mods are little panzy people. Go ahead, get upset. You don’t seem to ban racism, right wing crap and sexism from the chat.

I would also suggest an option to just hide the chat completely. You need better servers and the programming needs to be tightened up. Lagging players should be auto booted by the system, it’s not fair on other players.

Also, don’t ban people from the game, ban them from the chat, it’s such a simple fix.

You may ban my account all you want now, the game has become boring as hell, even GMs are pretending to be new players to get kicks out of messing ranks up. Which is actually a fun little thing, but that’s the level of dull things have got.

There’s nice players, Night and hhh, a few random weirdos I enjoyed chatting to- but I’m gone, see you never Curve, you were fun for a long time, recently your servers have been falling apart and being banned for nothing then coming back to see every 3rd game have some racist crap or idiots spewing shite while the server freezes three times in a row and everyone dies together…

For players who don’t want to be annoyed, turn your emoji’s off, that’s the top tip.


See you bro, sorry you got banned. Shame I never got to met you…seem like a good bloke.