Ban the person above you!


Ban Ozzzj for not being specific!


Ban NoFlavor for not buying a new cake for lunch :cake:




Ban SojaBird for exposing my cake addiction :frowning:


Ban @NoFlavor for being online right now!


Ban vidman for stopping from deranking (hard task btw,no sarcasm).i’d like to comment in the reply n°666😈


Ban paul for being spooky


ban averazon for being A


Ban Fokusikk for the name


Ban hebix for no following the rules


Ban Paul_21cl for for having an avatar of a wierd mix between a ghost and a vampire.


Ban NoFlavor for not respecting the retro CF3 (rip :cry: ) ghost curve image.


Ban @SojaBird for being the only dev ive never seen ingame


ban @VIDMAN idman cuz i never played with him


Ban @hohoho for not playing with me…
In a seprate note, Hohoho when are you online typically?


Ban vidman for not been ingame with sojabird


Im mostly online at 24 - 02 Cest Cuz of school but the week-end it depend ( im only online 1 week /2)


ban averazon for being black


Ban MaeiU for racism XD


ban ozzzj for being polish