Ban the person above you!


ban theangelov for trying to get top secret information


Ban Averazon because he is an alien!


ban ozzzj cuz i hearded this music too many time


multi ban hoho bc he only got 1 rank point this whole day
ban ozzzj for liking alien music too :stuck_out_tongue:
ban cfp for being laggy 50% of the times :joy:
ban myself for replying this topic
ban my mum… wait ,i need to rest xd


ban paul cuz he is laughting of my rank


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ban zarthon cuz its funny af,this topic gonna get like 10k replies for sure :slight_smile: at this pace,so ave,u will be more popular


ban paul for nothing


ban maeiu cuz he do not have profil picture


I ban you because I’ve seen your profile pic too many times, making it un’bear’able.


Ban this whole topic for blowing up my emails for some reason xD


ban @Stardust-12217411 stardust cuz he made a joke on a animal, which is facing extinction




Ban stardust for not banning someone… HA!


ban averazon for being blue


Bam maeiu Cuz hé is bad in draw


Ban hohoho for judging art!


Ban NoFlavor for having less forum recent read time than me


Ban Averzon for being the lead moderator and being good at it.


Ban Cirber because he reminds me of someone