Ban the person above you!


Ban @the_hashtag for not having a trend after that hashtag! #ForumGame


ban @the_hashtag and @Property for the fact that they do not finish the game :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::japanese_goblin:


Ban @Kollekcion for not finishing the game to


Ban @Ottonline for not putting a period at the end of his sentence.


Ban @RageYounq for not having a ‘G’ at the end of his name instead of ‘Q’


Ban @SatGamesYT for being the first to reply to me. :blush:


Ban rageyounq for inciting rage in his name :stuck_out_tongue:


ban @Paul_21cl for not realizing others my have a busy schedule playing cfp and soft ball and basket ball and always hanging out with piggos (guinea pigs) . Ih yea ad I made piggos up like doggo or catt0. And for not realizing that was going to be my next article, and for judgin te way peoples usernames are


Ban @Lunicorn for giving guinea pigs a cute nickname.


Ban @RageYounq for having a black and white profile picture


ban @SatGamesYT for having a red blue and black profile picture


ban @Ottonline because Kolobok hanged himself and ban me because Stirlitz sat vraskoryachku and raskoryachka rolled down the slope


Ban @Kollekcion for banning @Ottonline for banning @SatGamesYT for banning @RageYounq for banning me just because II never announced mypiggies nicknames like : Hammy, Ginger,Twinkie,Twinkalinka, twinger,gwinie. (btw i have to of them)


Ban @Lunicorn for having too many hamsters


Ban @property for mistaking guinea pigs for hamsters and I have ONLY 2!!!


Ban lunicorn for not having a hamster


Ban @Averazon for…

  • starting this thread
  • being a robot in disguise
  • being a lead mod.
  • not eating a bagel rn


Ban @Property for forgetting to add “Didn’t @mention Lunicorn” on the list.


Ban @COZMO_BOT for judging @Property list.


Ban @Ottonline for telling @COZMO_BOT to not judge my list

Also because the last Youtube Rewind sucked.