Ban the person above you!


Ban hohoho because polar bears are illegal in my sight.


ban nickplays for bully and for disrespecting best non-egg laying animal


ban aidan for having a galaxy instead of a egg in his avatar :joy_cat:


Ban @Paul_21cl for caring about avatars


Ban COZMO_BOT because i think robots will take over Earth.


Ban @NickPlays for being so pessimistic


Ban @meow for trapping Pikachu in an avatar.


Ban @XCS for not feeding the man in your avatar I will : :watermelon: :canned_food: :potable_water:


ban @lunicorn because that was said in a response to me.


Ban @Aidan-The-Egg because they didn’t say their ban reason in a response to Lunicorn.


ban @COZMO_BOT because i thought i did and now im confused

also cream of wheat or whatever it is called is absolutely repulsive


ban @Aidan-The-Egg because
for judging cereal even though it is really bad


Ban @Lunicorn for not letting @aidan-the-egg judge things.


ban @Ottonline for being nice


ban @aidan-the-egg
for judjing ceral when he is an egg and should be not eating ceral


Ban @Lunicorn for not spelling “cereal” and “judging” incorrectly.


Ban @JamesL456 for having double negatives.


Ban @Xightz for banning James because they had double negatives.


Ban @COZMO_BOT for trying to start a chain reaction


ban @Ottonline for not being #400