Ban the person above you!



ban MaeiU cos he dont like Poland


ban 44FrenchFries because he is not salted XD


ban ozzzj cuz he is trying to ban frenchfries


MaeiU, are you cold? If yes, go stand in a corner.

The corner is 90 degrees!

(Also, I ban you for incorrect grammar)


Ban Stardust because he’s Rikri


I ban you cause you’re incorrect.

(Who made that theory? Mat Pat? I know Rikri made that up, but still)

Umm… Single Ban. No quitsies.


Idk, I just have a slight suspicion :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Hmm, seems I must ban you for something
I ban you for mentioning Mat Pat ig :grin:


I ban you for not thinking it’s a joke. :sunglasses:

Double Ban. No quitsies.


Yeah, it may be a joke
I’m not too involved with it
I don’t ban you :smile:


I ban you for not banning. :joy:

Triple Ban. No quitsies.


Ban stardust for constantly spamming the forum with game ideas no one has interest in reading.


Banned due to 511 profile views <3


i ban ave 4 trying to make a succesfully topic by getting a lot of comments


ban paul for blaming ours greatest mod of all time


Ban MaeiU because I’ve never seen him in a game


ban NICK cuz he saw me smthing like 10 minutes ago


Ban maeiu for having nails at his feet


Ban Ozzzj because even though people mentioned the teaming a while ago and an official decision came out saything that Wojtas wouldn’t have his champ title taken away, people still want the OFFICIAL decisoin from a few days ago to be repealed and for Wojtas to be banned. And for Ozzzj to lose mod status and all of his hair,


Ban Owl, since he’s making off-topic comments on an off-topic discussion, which was posted on an off-topic post by Averazon.


Ban Stardust for banning a moderator.