Ban the person above you!


ban @Xightz for stealing my joke :stuck_out_tongue:


Ban @Aidan-The-Egg for not being a egg that is named Aidan


Ban @Lunicorn because i actually am an egg named aidan


Ban @Aidan-The-Egg for not being an Aidan named Egg :rofl::rofl:


Ban @Xightz for stealing my joke and not listing to aiden the egg


Ban @Lunicorn for not realizing that they didnt do either of those also for spelling my name wrong


Ban @Aidan-The-Egg because they should be named Aiden


Ban @COZMO_BOT for standing up for me


ban @Lunicorn for not naming there guinea pig hohoho


Ban @Aidan-The-Egg because it’s spelled their, not there


ban @COZMO_BOT for realizing my bad grammar


Ban @Aidan-The-Egg for not knowing it is a name contest !!!



Ban @Lunicorn for not realizing that this is actually the Ban the person abvoe you topic




Ban all mods for not closing this kind of topics,:joy:


Ban @Paul_21cl because I’m sokoBAN :smiling_imp:


ban @Paul_21cl for not realizing this thread was made by a mod


I mean for not naming my guinea pig hohoho


ban @Lunicorn for having a cringy name


I ban legolas Cuz wtf is he back in a such dead game