Ban the person above you!


Ban @megalligator for talking about the_hashtag.


first I ban @megalligator for assuming that @helmethead06 assumed my gander.
Second I ban @COZMObot for banning someone who talked about me!


Ban @the_hashtag for being mean to “bots” :frowning:

I didn’t really know what to say here.


Ban @COZMObot for just joining the fourm


Ban @VIDMAN for being mean to newcomers, and spelling forum wrong


Ban @COZMObot for stealing my job.


Ban @Dgrif12 for being mad at me stealing his/her job.


Ban @COZMObot for taking over humanity


Ban @Property for not accepting that robots are evolving


Ban @COZMObot for not accepting humanoid opinions


Ban @Property for not understanding that robots will take over anyway