Ban the person above you!


Ban averazon for playing and livestreaming euro truck simulator instead of cfp xd


Ban everyone above me. (I cannot be banned.) XD


ban helmethead06 for being a helmethead


lol I got the joke, Paul. :joy:


Ban myself for reading every single one of these bans at 3:48 AM :joy:


*ban for not respecting the rules
*ban for reading all this unnecessary stupidity,even at 3:48 am
*ban for being a savage animal ,u hunted my fav deer
*ban for just being an rawresome cheetah…


Ban @Paul_21cl for being way too active in this badpost thread


Ban @IWasInBeta for calling this an SP thread


ban @Property because he is not Property


Ban thfc for having thfc as name xd (pls tell me what does means) xd


TCHF (you spelled it wrong) is my intials
ban @Paul_21cl for spelling my name wrong


Ban @theTCHF for correcting this poor man.


Ban @KSNight04 for getting a perfect grade - save some for the rest of us


Ban @Property.


ban @hohoho cause it is not christmas


Ban the @theTCHF for having his caps lock key stuck when typing his name


Ban @Geert for not making friendlist xD


ban @hohoho for not being GM1 Right now:(


Ban VIDMAN for christmas tree on avatar


Ban Ozzzij for not noticing new profile picture