Ban the person above you!


ban @theTCHF cuz i have no idea about who it is :smiley:


Ban hohoho because his name is making fun of Christmas.


ban dragonfyre for making too long posts :joy:


Ban @Averazon for being @Averazon


ban @VIDMAN for not respecting the standards and laws of the Xmas trees


Ban @hohoho for dissing my Xmas Tree, that’s mine, how is it bad :thinking:
its my tree, with a Instagram filter


filter are bad for Xmas tree, it broke Xmas magic :c


Oh, im sorry! My tree was in bad lighting xD


ban @VIDMAN for not banning @hohoho


Ban @theTCHF for using sans, who is awesome


ban @GeneralTactics for not including papyrus


Ban theTCHF and manthroat for filling up the most popular topics :frowning:


ban @Paul_21cl cuz he has a cf3 picture


Ban @hohoho for wanting to quit cfpro last night


ban @VIDMAN for living and @paul_21cl for not likeing me (its just a joke dont taki it personal please!!)


ban @theTCHF for trying to ban a person who wasn’t directly above them


Ban @GeneralTactics for not letting the society push boundaries and evolve to something greater, where everyone has the ability to make their own life choices.


Ban @IWasInBeta for using a profile pic that looks like the Avengers logo but with an R.


Ban @GeneralTactics for being uncultured in not knowing about the League of Legends esports scene


Ban @IWasInBeta for thinking that if you don’t know details from a popular game you’re “uncultured”.