Ban the person above you!


Ban vidman for achieving paper league (now is baptized as paper boy xd)


Ban @Paul_21cl as i am not paper.


Ban VIDMAN because he is still not on paper. lol


Ban @Stardust-12217411 for being in the same state as me


I ban you because… You were in the Hall of Glory with your silver account.


Ban stardust for missing like 4 days from this forum


Hey! At least I’m the one who is a nerd and focuses more on grades than some dumb little Fortnite… stuff.

(Also, I ban you for being too extra over missing 4 days.)


Ban stardust for saying fortnite

PS this is curvefever fourm


I ban you because I viewed Fortnite as a negative, not a positive. Also, you’re still not in paper league.


ban stardust for misjudging people that likes fortnite,hahah i used to play fortnite & minecraft in those old times :joy:


Ban Paul because he plays Minecraft and Fortnite.


ban stardust for misunderstanding me :joy: i used to play them ( past tense) :wink:


ban Paul for playing Fortnite in the past


ban the # for not being the @


Ban the @Averazon for not being the #


Ban Vidman because he didn’t get the joke.


ban @Stardust-12217411 for getting the joke


Ban my friend hoho for not reaching panzergrenadier yet :wink:


ban paul_21d because i joined and i said so


ban @spacedimond1738 for saying so