Ban the person above you!


Ban @Property for mentioning themself


ban @COZMO_BOT for still liking cozmo


ban boss for liking marshmello xd


Ban @Paul_21cl for forgetting to @mention


ban @Paul_21cl for whatever that profile picture is XD


Ban @B-0-s-s for not using punctuation at the end of his/her sentence. (I don’t gender assume!)


Ban @SatGamesYT for not using “their” instead of “his/her”


Ban @COZMO_BOT for trying to correct the grammar master!:sunglasses::rofl:


Ban @Averazon for starting this topic (CLOSE IT, PLEASE!!!)


ban @theangelov for trying to get this topic closed.


Ban @Averazon for not closing this topic!!!


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Ban theangelov for making a desperated poll about closing this topic


Ban @Paul_21cl for discriminating angels.


Ban @74R45 for being nice to @theangelov.


Ban @RageYounq for banning @74R45 for being nice to me


Ban @theangelov Cuz he is not champ


Ban @hohoho for flexing on @theangelov


Ban @Property for being supreme and using the word “flexing”.


Ban @RageYounq for being a very active curve fever forum memeber (Sry ik that i spelled member wrong on intention)


Ban @SatGamesYT for intentionally spelling a word the wrong way, and also admitting to it!