Ban the person above you!



How did @discobot get into a different language? Can you do that?


ban @therealIDONTKNOW for not knowing how to

get into another language.


Discobo7 speak italian because i’m italian and I set my language to italian. But i know some languages like Espanol and english :grin::grin:


Ban @Cometix for not banning anyone and not knowing Sign Language


ban @Acorn_Express for apperantly knowing sign language


Ban @Acorn_Express because i know sign language
And pls go at this link​:pleading_face::pleading_face:


ban @Cometix for scamming HE DIDNT BAN ME!!


Ban @Brocono because you are going to Brazil.


ban @hunter50756 because he studies at john hopkins


ban @Brocono for having a weird pfp WHAT IS THAT??!!


ban @Lofi for stealing my caprisun, and dam man how u gunna say at to smexy ice age baby


Ban @Brocono because I got regular back. Apparently you can deteriorate.


Ban @therealIDONTKNOW because Ralf is not free yet.


Ban @hunter50756 to free Ralf.


Don’t ban @therealIDONTKNOW because I agree with this. Sacrifices must be made for the greater good. I will take the ban to free Ralf. #FreeRalf


Ban @everyone to free Ralf.


Mein therealIDONTKNOW.


ban @hunter50756 for cheating, man didnt ban anyone


ban the person above


You :point_up: