Ban the person above you!



ban @Pidgey for not using gifs and guess what

star wars deal with it GIF


Ban @QUARAY123 for banning me for not using gifs


Ban @Pidgey for using a gif thats not related to what he said

nos comic con GIF by NOS


ban @QUARAY123 for stating the facts


Ban @MangaFukidashi for banning me for no reason


Ban @QUARAY123 because @MangaFukidashi did have a reason


Ban @matteo fir making NO SENSE


ban @QUARAY123 for not reading the rules of this game
“Ban people for funny reasons”


Ban @QUARAY123 for using most dumber gifs


Ban @Pidgey for being a bird :sweat_smile:.


Ban @Matteo for the fact that she did not understand that I am a human, not a bird


Ban @pidgey. Period.


i agree


ban matteo for banning pidgey for pidgy banning you for pidgy banning me and not banning the person above him
Ban Button GIF by swerk


thats how you do it


Ban @QUARAY123 for wrong spelling my name


whenever spell pidgey it auto corrects it to podgy


Ban @QUARAY123 for having autocorrect on.


ban @Matteo for not knowing what to insert here


Ban @The-Golden for being confusing.