Ban the person above you!


This is a forum game where you can ‘ban’ the person above you for funny reasons :smiley:
Forum games are bae <3


Not sure if I get it but let’s give this a shot:

The guy above me used the word “bae”. He needs to be banned and have violent things happen to him.


Ill ban you for not letting me pass, gandalf!


Averazon, banned for incorrect grammar and spelling (Ill, gandalf with no capital G) and thinking you’re too powerful!


Ban @Diamaster to see his reaction XD


Ozzzj, banned for an inappropriate, irrelevant, off-topic post in a topic in the off-topic category of topics!


Ban diamaster because he has too few carats :smiley:


Ban ozzj for teaming… (sorry not funny but still funny XD)


Ban Owl for making a joke about something that is serious. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Ban Averazon cos why not (:


Ban rice cos he’s not respecting the rules of this game


Ban 44frenchfries cus its Belgian fries


Ban Averazon for spreading fake news


Ban anja for being a pretty girl playing in cf pro XD


ban ozzzj cuz its the 3rd time we ban him


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ban MaeiU cuz he is bullying people for no reason :c


ban hohoho because he banned me xD


ban ozzzj cuz he have too much z in his name


ban hohoho for spamming ho