Ban Lengths & Our Banned or Missing Friends


How many players have friends that have been missing, maybe for more than a week? Perhaps they are on a vacation or are just neglecting the game. However, two of my best friends have been missing for over a week and gave no signs of leaving the game permanently. A moderator informed me these friends may have been banned for a month, but they were very kind people and may be the victims of “spam-reporting”. Is there any way to get rid of “spam reporting”? It’s very lonely to not have friends to play in a room with. Has this happened to anyone else? #Friendless :cry:


If you give us the names we can check if they got a ban.


Okay. One is @its seara#13797 and the other is @storm#27024. Sorry if I’m being fussy. Thanks for the info


yea seara is always toxic


So, they both got muted for 1 day a while ago. They were not banned in any way or form so they probably don’t have time to play or left the game.

You can always find new friends tho :wink:


They looks like guests accounts,they are only casual visitors gamers :joy:


No, they werent guests. Dang it…they were my best fwends. Everybody else is toxic. Oh well.


Hope they come back soon (if they ever) ;-;


You should friend them by other social media,thus you wont lose their track😉


true, but idk if their usernames are the same, or if they use discord.